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Innocent & Vampire Chloe - 2017 Halloween
 Selling Price 575.00
 Point 5.75
 Skin Color
 Body Type
 Chest(Harmony Girl Only)
 Feet Part
 Hands Part(BoyG Only)
 Body Blushing
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2017 Halloween Special
Innocent Chloe


Product Name : 2017Halloween Special Innocent Chloe
Type Name : Innocent Chloe&Vampire Chloe
Line :
Harmony Girl
Compatible Body :
Harmony BoyG Body, Harmony Girl Body, Grace Girl Body

Sale Period : 2017. 10. 18(18:00) ~ 2017. 11. 03(16:00) (Standard Korean Time)

Skin : Normal / White (Choose 1)
Eyes : 14mm
Wig :
8~9 inch



Full Doll : Innocent Chloe Head+Body (fully assembled)
Eyes : Acrylic Eyes 14mm in random color
Wig : Merry Curl(L) - Chaos Pink (option)
Outfit : 2017 Innocent Chloe Special Outfit (option)
Bra, Inner Pants, Harness 1set, Train Skirt, Neck choker, 3 bracelets, Stocking 1 pair (9 pcs in total)
ETC : Sculpey for eye attachment,
1 Head Cover, Default Box, 2 Pillows
Certificate of Authentication


▪ Order will ship in around 40-50 business days(excluding weekends and holidays)
upon receipt of payment.
▪ If you add Face-Up option, 5~7 extra days will be taken. 

▪ Chloe Head is about 8 inches. If this wears 8~9 inches wig, then taking silicon cap(L) together is recommended.
▪ Optional outfit which can be purchased is manufactured to be fit with big bust.
▪ Optional shoes which can be purchased is manufactured to be fit with heel feet/heel leg.

▪ Outfit’s materials may slightly change depending on their usage.
▪ The Outfit does not fit to Harmony Boy G Body&Grace Girl body.

▪ Wig may need a little bit of styling and number of hair may slightly vary.
▪ Photos were taken with White Skin Doll.

▪ Once body blushing has done, little bit of abrasion can occur around the joints.

▪ 'Innocent Chloe&Vampire Chloe' is a Limited Type which will not be sold as Basic Line.
▪ For Limited Type Products, orders cannot be canceled after payment, so please consider carefully before you place an order.
(Placing orders carelessly can make others miss their chances to purchase.)
▪ For Limited Product, the payment due date is 3 days after the day of order.
Order will automatically be canceled after 3 days.
▪ Colors may slightly differ depending on your monitor screen types and settings.



Total height : 57.4cm
Head circumference : 21.7cm
Neck circumference : 9cm
Shoulder width : 12.5cm
Small Bust circumference : 22.5cm
Big Bust circumference : 25cm
Arm length : 22.7cm
Hand length : 5.8cm
Waist circumference : 17.3cm
Hips circumference : 25.5cm
Thigh circumference : 14.5cm
Leg length : 33.5cm
Foot length : 6.5cm
Heel Foot length : 6.6cm
Heel Leg length : 21cm

The above measurements can be differ according to the measuring method you use.
If you need the accurate measurement
we encourage you to measure your doll again once you received.


Shipping Company : EMS or EMS Premium (TNT)
Shipping Period: 3~5 business days normally by EMS. Some countries may take longer according to

                             the country's shipping terms and conditions.
Total Delivery Period Information:
      It takes 30~40 business days for producing Basic Line Dolls and Parts(excluding weekends and holidays).
      It will take additional week if Default Face-Up has been added.
      Outfits, Wigs, Eyes, Shoes, Accessories, Tools will normally be shiped within 2 days unless there is a further notice.
      If you add Body Blushing, extra 7~10 business days will be taken. 

Cases of being able to Exchange or get Refund
     - Within 7 days from the day you received the item with an appropriate reason(s) rather than a simple change in mind.

       (If you still wish to exchange, or get refund by a simple change in your mind- including the Color/Size Exchanges -,

        the round-shipping cost must be afforded.).
     - Within 3 months from the day you receive the item, if the item is fairly different from the store displays.

       And, within 30 days from the day you find out about the difference(s).

Cases of NOT being able to Exchange or get Refund
     - Special Dolls, Basic Line Dolls and Parts will be on production once the payment has been confirmed.

       Therefore, it is not possible to cancel, exchange, or get refund after the payment.
     - Not able to exchange or get refund if the product is damaged, or its value has been decreased by your fault.

       Damages on the package will not affect on your exchange and refund.

     - Opening the package of the products which have any possibilities in copy.

       (Please leave a message on our Q&A Board for more details.)



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